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  1. bigdata

    New Mod pack for 0.9.12?

    The most amazing modder ever!
  2. bigdata

    ...a question about the minimap...

    Yeah same problem. Not sure why we can't use chat to notify everyone to report a bot after we've died (I dont have time to report that while playing), so I had to remove this mod.
  3. An Excellent guide for anyone to use, thanks Scorpiany
  4. I also disabled white tanks and haven't had any issues since.
  5. I haven not had an issue today, disabled all autoaims and SPG aim
  6. Just opened wot launcher and got a mini-patch for NA servers, let's hope there's something in there for a model fix.
  7. Just locked up after getting tangled with a JPE. Even after we both died I could not rotate the screen.
  8. Same problem, was locked onto an ST-I when it happened. Will try to record more but I don't recall any JPE's being involved.
  9. bigdata

    Strange artifacts ingame

    I had this once or twice yesterday but not since 4.3.2
  10. I had the same problem until I stopped using Harpoon 3.0 eng crosshair.
  11. bigdata

    Clean install fix

    Game won't load after using modpack 4.0 After multiple tests, unchecked ServerCross (server crosshair, must enable in game menu!) under the Crosshair Mods section and everything worked nominally. Have a great day!
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