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  1. server: EU clan name: The Church of RNGesus clan tag: [CORNG]
  2. Seems to be working great. THX
  3. i can only hand you the link to some old version if this helps? http://www.modsworldofwarships.com/0-5-4-2-yet-another-zoom-mod/ the old forum topics on WG all seem to be gone.
  4. Its in the new release so i guess its fixed. Will check after work. Thx!
  5. Hi, it seems the new port camera killed YAZOM and its the only mod that i really need to play (CV player). I allready tried to find the correct settings in the cameras.xml myself but its a very, very long list of setting if you dont know what you are looking for ;-) Is there any fix coming? Really looking forward to it.... Regards return33
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