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  1. The "SCORE TIMER" Mod showed the time left to win and switched from the green to the red, or vice-versus each time the lead in the game changed or the points changed it reflected the added time to win, or reduced time to win. I have not yet seen it and don't believe it was available in the last WoWs Update either. Probably 85% to 90%+ of our clan battle players in our clan (BTLST) and the 4 other Clans in our United Warships Alliance (NKOTD,LARD, CCPLZ, & TYPH) used this invaluable Mod to keep track of how the battle was swinging back and forth and adapting our play to win (hopefully)! Any insight you may have on if this mod will be returning would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I believe it would be very helpful to a goodly number of World of Warships (and probably other games as well) if included in the Aslain's Mod's Downloads was a listing of all selected and downloaded mods that each individual player could print out. Periodically I spend considerable time inputting into my computer all the Alsain's Mods I have installed including their MB load. It is a great aid to me when I have to download from scratch, say after an uninstall and reinstall of the game and all mods, as I have a list and do not have to rely on memory. THANKS for all you do for World of Warships Aslain's!
  3. THANKS SO VERY MUCH! I understand many of you who make and maintain these mods do so as a labor of love. Sadly I'm sure you also receive a great deal of petty grief from many players. So I wanted to personally THANK you for your prompt attention to what obviously was one of those things that sometimes slips through to bite us in the butt. GREAT JOB and a Mod That I love having.
  4. The Mod that shows guns in inches with MM also is badly off in many of the ships. Here is some, but not all that are bad; TALLINN 13.1 " 20 mm and NEVSKY as well. RIGA, MOSKVA, & PETROPAVLOVSK ALL ARE 208" 20MM. SMOLENSK shows 11.2" and 30mm. KREMLIN is 42.2" 57mm, T-61 IS 120.3" 8MM, BAYERN 33.1" AND 80MM, DEGROBE 40.8" 20MM BISMARCK 33.1" 80mm, THUNDERER 42.2" 57mm, DUNKERQUE 31.2" 30mm, HENRI IV 21.6" 40mm. I know there are additional ones that are wrong as well and some that are right.
  5. You can cancel out mine original request for help. Just retried the download and it went off without any problems. THANKS!
  6. I've tried every one of your "direct" download links and each time I get a Red Triangle Warning from Windows 10 which I over ride. Each time the download lost connection 3 times at "Blast Bags Mod" with message stating "Connecting" and then after a couple of minutes informed me to try again. The last time it started at 1:58 then at 1:59 (Pacific US Time) it said Flags Historical Porportions Historical with Imperial Japan THEN AT 2:00 pm it said Fonts At 2:01 pm it was port_Drydock and at 2:01 it was Blast Bags and then said "Connecting" and a couple of minutes later it advised me to Retry as they failed to reconnect. Throughout all this my internet was working fine with normal speed (it is via Cox Cable at a much higher than standard speed package I pay for). I went to the program of yours I found the last time, the only one I could find anywhere on my computer and it was empty. I attached print screen of what I saw and hope that helps. I apologize for bothering you Sir. dbw86 from Las Vegas
  7. I used what you suggested and never found anything close to an "ap" like that I could install on my PC (I have no Cell phone so no apps) I did read somethin about your program storing logs so I managed to locate and it and drug it into this message. I really hope this is what you need as I am flying blind, dumb, and stupid on this stuff. Thanks so very much Sir. Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  8. I'm still having this problem. Here is what I have thus far done - 1. Reported to you and you suggested I use the Game Launcher to check the integrity of the game. I did that and it showed no issues. You asked that I send you the logs. I was only able to locate logs on my computer at these addresses: E: WoWs, WoWsNA, Reports. That folder was empty. I then followed this path: E: WoWs, WoWs, NA, bin64, Reports and it was also empty. I was unable to find any other Report files???? Yesterday I downloaded your update 9.4.0. #09, re-ran the Launcher's Game Check and it showed no problems with the game, or it's integrity. BUT I am STILL getting the RED SKY's when I play on the WoWs Maps: Red Sky, Sleeping Giant, Crash Zone Alpha, and Loop consistently. Any help you could provide that this computer ignorant old man (I'm 79) could understand would be greatly appreciated. Thanking you in advance. ALSO, my current game name is dbw86 as I changed it a long time ago from 1810328.
  9. I've noticed that my ships, and others, will stop dead but the water continues to flow past them complete with a bow wave. It will last for anywhere from 1/4 second to a full second and then suddenly the ship will leap forward to where it would have been had it not stopped.
  10. Downloaded your latest update 9.4.0. #08 then ran the Check and Fix program in the Wargaming.net launcher and it showed nothing wrong. Following this path Drive E then Games then World of Warships, then World of Warships NA then Reports there was nothing in the Reports Filed totally blank. I then followed the same path but at WoWs NA I went into the bin64 file and found a Reports File. It was also empty. I could not find any other Report files. ???? I've noted the Red Sky occurs on the Sleeping Giant and Crash Zone Alpha Maps thus far. Hope that helps you with this mystery. I've also discovered it occurs in the WoWs Map LOOP as well.
  11. LOGS????? Where would I find them? I sincerely apologize but the only thing I use a PC for is to play this game and use Apple for everything else as I can stumble around in it and fix or find things in a day or two. A PC is like hyroglyphics to me.
  12. I am experiencing games in World of Warships where the entire sky, down to just above the tallest mountain on land, is a vivid red with arc's or large unreadable letters. The surface of the water is tinted with a red hue as well. I believe it may only be occurring on certain maps but I have not been able to figure out which ones yet. In the WoWs Forum other players advised me that they had also experienced this and it is being caused by one of the mods in Aslain's, though non advised which one. It is very disconcerting to play. I do no know/understand how to find computer related stuff/files and often do not understand what people are asking me to do on a computer. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank You Sir and I do very much appreciate your work and efforts on behalf of we players.
  13. Game names has been changed from 1810328 TO





    Please change my Aslains's Account name as well.



  14. How can we reset Permanent Crew after it is initially set? For instance, I assigned Capt A to Ship 1 a Tier 9 but now have Ship 2 a Tier 10 and since Capt A is a 19 pointer wish to transfer him to Ship 2 and reassign him as Permanent Crew on Ship 2. Can this be done and how do I do it? If it can't be done it certainly needs to be considered. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  15. OK I found it. I clicked on the link but on the word "download link#" in front of the direct word. I'll try that. THANKS Dave It is working! I'll bet a lot of other people also make the same mistake I made. If you had not circled it I would never have realized that the word "direct" in the brackets was the real link to use. THANKS A GAZILLION! Dave
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