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  1. I've made a video that some may find interesting... Speed Exaggeration in World of Warships
  2. Yup, I concur - it's the Alt Markers mod
  3. I just did and it seems OK - I'll add the other mods back in and check. I'm glad it's one of the less useful ones! If it had been the sidebars, I would have cried!
  4. I'm trying to narrow it down too. I'm removing mods and seeing if it stops. I'm down to only a few now and it's still happening. I'll let you know if I figure out which it is.
  5. Hi Aslain, As described over on Discord.... After installing game update 0.7.2 and reinstalling modpack (#00 initially), I found that after every match had finished, the end screen would freeze-frame like usual for the background, but then nothing else happened - just the background image, no results panes. If I pressed [Esc], I'd hear the back-to-port sound, but the screen would still show the background freeze-frame. I also noticed that during the game, pressing [Esc] would not bring up the menu, although the game bahaved as though the menu was displaying - no ship/camera control until I pressed [Esc] again. I uninstalled the modpack from the Windows uninstaller, and checked WOWS game integrity. I then played a no-mods game with no issues at all. I then downloaded the modpack again (#01 this time) and reinstalled my usual mods. I am now experiencing the frozen screen again. Logs zip attached. Many thanks, you rock! StatsBloke Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
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