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    Missing Mod

    Thats a real shame, was a useful addition. It was handy being able to see how your win8 score was affected during each gaming session without having to update from website. If I had a bad night I would switch back to my favourite tanks to raise my score back up again Are there any similar mods in your modpack that would do the same thing? I tried different combinations of things but couldn't find anything myself.
  2. pomp

    Missing Mod

    OK I will take a look, didn't consider a bug I was thinking it may have been removed or something.
  3. Hi all not sure if this is correct section to ask this but here goes: I updated to latest version of modpack but one of my favourite mods seems to have disappeared, its the one that shows your current Win8 on the RHS of garage. It updates after every game. Also the Win8 score that used to be on the after game screen is missing. I have messed around with the installer trying different configurations but to no avail....any ideas?
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