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  1. ok, added logs. as i wrote - the installer of the modpack will end up in this problem, by clicking on "complete" in the last stage _Aslains_Installer.log _Aslains_Installer_CompList.log and btw-this is just a bugreport, not an ask for help. i just hope you can fix it, so i can use the modpack again.
  2. nope, virus-free. its repeatable and comprehensible of your installer or at least of the error with your installer in the last stage
  3. after installation of the modpack for wot under windows 10 and pressing the finalize button the installer crashes and every executeable at the same partition will be deleted! i installed it under c: so all apps are not functional now. lucky meh - the installer ist not able to access the c:\windows folder. because of the deletion the log archiver is also not functional (not present). this is a major (security) incident - specially for someone who can not fix it by there own.
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