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  1. jekko

    OTM Missing letters

    9.20 the otm problem is back (if it ever went away) config files have already been edited to have the "font": "$FieldFont" (was pre edited in the mod pack 9.20.#00b)
  2. jekko

    OTM Missing letters

    déjà vu ...
  3. jekko

    OTM Missing letters

    this fixes it edit these 2 files ..\World_of_Tanks\res_mods\configs\xvm\Aslain markersAliveExtended.xc markersAliveNormal.xc Aslain, can you add an option to use a different font in the mod pack?
  4. jekko

    OTM Missing letters

    reinstalled everything and still have the same problem can someone suggest a good alternative OTM
  5. jekko

    OTM Missing letters

    what otms are you using? I'm using OTM by Aslain just wondered if it happens with others or not is it worth opening a ticket with xvm?
  6. jekko

    OTM Missing letters

    xvm rating marker is also missing in some battles
  7. jekko

    OTM Missing letters

    not always the same letters/numbers either sometimes an 'O' missing sometimes a 'T' etc.. it seems completely random and can be any letter or number but some help would be nice
  8. hi can anyone help my otm has random letters/numbers missing from above the tanks (see screenshots). I tried reinstalling all the fonts but no luck thanks in advance jek Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  9. Hi Aslain since 9.15.1 I have been getting freezes in the garage. it seems to happen when I hover over clickable items at the top of the garage (around the battle button) it happens intermittently and the freeze lasts for about 10-15 seconds. some times I will see that the client has stopped responding (message in the top left of the title bar). I also get freezes when the battle results are sent to the notification centre. when the freezes happen I get the egg timer or the curser disappears altogether when I run the game in safe mode I do not get any freezes I have attached all the log files from the WOT folder if you need additional information or files let me know ty in advance for your help Log files.zip Edit: added dxdiag.txt in case you need to see my pc specs (high end pc) DxDiag.txt
  10. thanks for the reply Quaksen I wasn't too worried about it. just wanted to give Aslain a heads up may as well close this report
  11. Hey Aslain I am getting 2 errors in the event viewer, related to the mod pack (when I install) I have uploaded them, in a text file (attached) as I can cut and paste them in to the post I have also attached your log files but please let me know if you require any additional info or logs Jekko Event Errors.txt _Aslain_logs.zip _Aslains_Installer.log
  12. try turning off check for mod pack updates (first check box in the mod pack) there are reports that this has been causing CTDs
  13. Integrated hit log not listing hits taken
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