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  1. Hey there... been gone out of town, family health problems, all is OK... Final report is that after deleting all mods and adding back some of my most favorite, this problem has not came back... have added a couple at a time and all is well... an unrelated issue I have always had is the I can not get any of the angled line sights to work... there are several that I have tried, but none has ever displayed correctly, I even thought it might be the game setting of sights, so I have switched to both types and still nothing displays like I would like. there is one that is called "spider" that i would like to use, but so far nothing... I will keep trying... again, thank you so much for all your help... another donation is in order.... best regards...
  2. Thank you for looking into this for me... it does not do this every game... it is random... it would be hard to replicate. I have attached a replay of the game it did it in, but not much to see here as it does the countdown to game time and then stays on that screen, I saw that it was not going to go into the game and exit out after about 30 seconds... although I did not do it in this replay, I can go to the 4 tabs at top and change screens, so it is not frozen or locked up, just doesn't advance to the next stage. I have an auto driver updater installed, but I will manually check these as well. I will install the Mods one at a time (starting with my favorite), to see if I can find the one that is causing it. Thanks again for checking this out, and keep up the good work there... love those MODs... I have one question, are you working alone on all of this, or do you have some help chasing all the issues that players and WOW provide you with? It has to be quit a challenge to be doing it by yourself... 20181126_113041_PASA002-Bogue-1942_08_NE_passage.wowsreplay
  3. Here's what happens: I pick a ship and hit battle, wait a minute for MatchMaker to put me in a battle, OK so far, but after que for battle... it goes to the 40 second or so wait countdow window... I have it set for view team lineups.... it stays on this window (screenshot attached), and does not go to the battle map,... It is not locked up, as I can go to any of the 4 tabs on top, one is the mini map and I can see the other teammates moving, another tab about tips, and still another about divisions all work... but it never launches me into the game, I can hear sounds of the game, and can even start ship moving forward or turning using the keypad commands. I have tried every key, and combinations of key and mouse strokes and buttons, but it will go no further. This does not happen all the time or every game, but has happened probably 7 to 9 times over the last 5 days... I will usually delete the files and folders in res_mods, and reload the mod pack. It usually does not happen after that, until the next day, when I start to play, I will usually have one or two games do right and then the "no load of game screen". then I do the reinstall and it works for that day... I have gotten (3) warning from WOW, about non activity during the game... (file attached) This has happened numerous times in the last 4 days, all after the last update 7.11.0 ... while playing the Kongo T5, usa ship and Bouge T5, (my go to ships). I tried all the keys and mouse clicks, nothing worked, finally I have to hit the window icon key, and close the WOW game, I have had to X-it out of the game and log back in, 2 times, it came back to the game in progress, but I had been sunk or was in the last stages of the game. But most of the time it comes back to the same screen with the 4 tabs at the top. using your latest download Aslains_WoWs_Modpack_Installer_v.7.11.0_03a.exe (It has done this with the last 3 Mod update downloads, starting with 7.11.0) I did run the game with the MODs removed, (or after I removed the folder res_mods)... and it ran OK and never glitched... but I hate running WOW bare bones without MODs... just not near as good, so my sincere appreciation for you and your work to make this a better gaming experience... kudos my friend... kudos I did run the WOW's "check and repair game integity" and it did nothing to fix the problem, still locked on that on loading screen. I ran your Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip It is attached... also included a partial capture of TASK MANAGER screen during the lockup.. just to let you know it was using a lot of CPU and memory... ?? just fyi Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  4. Oh... sorry... was sure I clicked the WOW tab... ...it's funny the exact same thing is happening it both. by the way, Aslain, thanks for doing these Mods... it makes the games a lot more enjoyable... keep up the good work... a WOW donater...
  5. I have quite a few MODs also... and it is going to be hard trying to remove one, play the game and see if that is it, as it doesn't happen all the time... I deleted the res_mods folder, and reloaded the latest MOD, (same one I was using), and it did not mess up one time in about 15 - 20 games today. So FullTank, you are going to have your hands full trying to figure this one out. This was to be happening to others as well... my grandson said it is happening to his games also, but he has his account on my computer, so I was thinking it could be my computer or something running from time to time causing it to glitch... Also, on these games that worked today, I have to say that I did not do any keystrokes, mouse-clicks, and such while I was on the loading screen, thinking that something I was doing was messing it up, and since it did not mess up, I will continue to just look and not touch while game loads... Keep me informed of your progress...
  6. Follow up info: I have removed the res_mods file and folders and ran the game without MODS... If works fine and never had this problem... reinstalled MODs and it started again... this morning I played 1 game fine, next game (random) locked up after waiting to get into a game and the 30 - 40 second count down... I can still use the 4 taps at top, to change from Team Information, Tips, battle screen, and division stuff, so it is not locked up, just never goes into the battle screen, I can hear the sound of battle and can even go to the tab of the battle screen (mini map like) and see the ships moving, so I know game is running with out me in it... have rebooted my computer, reloaded game and still happens, two times in a row this last time and got a "inactivity in battle" warning for WOW. Need a solution to this... as I hate to play without the MODs anymore.. like it a lot better using these... please help if you can.
  7. same thing happening to me... this started about Nov 21, or after MOD update release 7.11.0 I will try alt F4, as I could not find any key of mouse click combinations to exit. If you find a solution... let me know on this post... I can only go out of game and log back in... this gets me back in the game (most of the time)... but by then battle is about ended.
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