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  1. ALl my Perm camo has dissapeared on ALL my tanks , even the special camo i won ini events. Wargaming says its cause was aslains. is there any way you can help me get my camo back 125 tanks , camo gone... this is the replay i got back from wargaming .... Please keep in mind that we are not responsible for issues caused to the client should you decide to use third party modifications. the issue didnt happen untill the latest micro patch Aslains_WoT_Modpack_Installer_v. was the version i was using of aslains
  2. I too have had XVM issues with the last 2 updates..... My XVM works for a few battles , then I need to restart the game. When I try to restart the game ... it tells me WOT is still running even tho its not showing in Task Manager. I have to restart my Whole machine to be able to reset my XMV.... just to only work for a few Games. I have used WMCleaner to clear cache.... but same issue please tell me how I can fix this
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