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  1. Can confirm, I was going for a Girls Und Panzer theme through a combo of mods outside of the pack, like icons voices and such. It has also worked for several patches like yours, until now. I just need to slowly reapply each one until I find out which one isn't working. I installed only the modpack and the game works. I will see soon which one is too outdated...
  2. I have been having this issue since the recent micropatch. It would tell me I have been disconnected from the server but it also still logged me in. I would see the garage but not my tanks, sometimes I could click battle and sometimes I couldn't, but when I did I would eventually enter battle to a partially loaded map that was very distracting to perform well with it. I have attached my log file, and I also have screenshots. Im not sure if my log did it right, as it wanted some kind of diskette for a batch file or something. I launched the game in safe mode and it works fine. I checked it for errors and it was fine, and I even reinstalled it. I really want to play the game again with my mods and I just need to know which one is causing the issues right now. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
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