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  1. rkdaro

    ARP Yamato

    but theres one done, the one on the spoiler is a new one that one member of facebook did, but it doesnt work with aslain, it doesnt glow, i kinda had it working by coping the shaders folder but now all the other ships are white and glow a lot its a bit distracting, im leaving another spoiler with the images
  2. rkdaro

    ARP Yamato

    Hey! there is a mod for the yamato on the wows skin mod facebook for the yamato that takes back the arp theme, since sea world seems to be hibernating is there any chance for this one to be added to the modpack? or any way to make it work with the modpack by installing it manually? i tried but it doesnt glow and thats kind of sad. thank you!
  3. Hi there, my game gets stuck forever when ir try to use the no rust skin mod, im trying right now with only the JP but it doesnt seem to work either, thank you!
  4. Hi there! is there any way to change the voices on the ars nova cadenza mod? the girls that talk are a bit annoying specially if you are playing anything with torpedos, i would like to change it from those to something like chihaya gounzo or iona, i tried replacing the mods voices with those but it didnt work soo... is it even possible? thank you very much
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