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  1. I've seen this fix previously. Is it permanent or must be applied everytime?
  2. Is anyone have trouble with the custom ports? I use Yokosuka almost exclusively and almost every patch has issues. Problem: Exit game. Restart game, port defaults to Philippines. Unable to change to Yokosuka as the save changes button is not there. Suspect that game thinks it is Yokosuka but loads some other crappy port. Will post logs and screenshots later. Got friends waiting to div.
  3. As per attached. Regards, Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  4. Appears to be a visual bug. HE contrails from -> On-screen Battle display -> Custom shells & tracer contrails. Shells appear to be fine. AP contrails working fine. HE contrails appear to be using the standard WOWS contrails. Noted in Arpeggio and UAN Standard contrails, did not try other but suspect will have same issue. Regards,
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