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  1. Hello Aslain, as you can see from the attachment, since the last WG's update the BADoBEST side panel v1 (I don't know if v2 is also affected) now is located too high, covering Potential Damage, etc... None of the available settings help fixing it: there is no slider for that. PS: this is a minor thing but since we are talking about the same mod.... it's been a while that it doesn't show anymore Divisions letters (A,B,C...) Thank you
  2. Hi Aslain, sorry for not reporting this earlier, but I thought someone else already did. Such is no the case. So I wonder if the problem is only mine. Ever since last WOWS upgrade (0.11.8) and your various updates, "Detailed Damage Meter" works now and then. The two top menu, (Damaged Caused...) & (Damage Received), always show up, but more often than not there is no data. Thanks
  3. Greeting Aslain, your idea for Air Burst is simply brilliant as sometimes I do lose track of the ship I'm about to attack with all those flakes. Completely removing the effect is not a viable option for me as it makes impossible to dodge them, I guess. So I use the "Transparent" option, but I do find it too hard to see still. Could you please add more transparency percentage (%) options to choose from in the future? Thank you in advance!!!
  4. Basically I believe all the mods work like code injection as the "res_mods" folder that contains them is nothing more than a mirror of the real res folder embedded in the game. As for the SWF, if we are truly speaking of a Flash file then Adobe retired that technology Jan. 1st, 2021 since it was unsafe. There was still a player available for a while, but now it's gone.
  5. Dunno about any doc or source. Aslain might help you in that. Not a programmer, but I'm looking into it too based on last working installation on WOWS 11.5. As far I can see there is a "running_lights" folder at root level of the "res_mods" folder. Inside there is a "img" folder containing 3 .png with the 3 dots and a "setting" file that, after translating some Russian, it reveals to handle only color/transparency effects. Next there is the "flash" (swf) file which I can't open because it's no longer supported, but I guess it's fine as it's some kind of required animation. The real issue must be in the last file named "Traffic_Lights". Fairly simple code that makes me think the problem lies in the changed structure inside the game with the last update. So it could be just matter to point it in the right direction. But so far I've been unlucky. Cheers!
  6. EDIT: as of Modpack #17, Ship Movement Indicator is back!!! Big thanks to Autospy & Aslain A big thanks to Aslain and all the authors for keeping up with WOWS short-term updating program!! Even more if considering not much help comes from the developers, I believe. Carousel is back!!! Albeit in a reduced way. Upgrades were really handy to glimpse at, and I don't know why Valera switched to signals as well. Ship Management is quite a piece of programming, but it's just too much with no options to enable/disable an excessive number of menus. Btw, I can confirm it still has a minor bug by which Bonuses can be set in there, but the full Bonuses Page is no longer accessible. Beside that, too bad it packs together with Improved Crew. I had to erase the proper files manually after installation. I guess all in all I favor those mods that let me see the (to me) essential info without digging in menus and sub-menus. Speaking of which, now the Tab with flags and camos has become really secondary and mostly irrelevant, but that's a WG problem I won't miss to let them know asap. After all my charade, the one thing I still miss is the Ship Movement Indicator mod. Any news on that or will it ever come back? Thanks again Asalin
  7. Hello Aslain!! Carousel Extended is awesome!!! Yet one thing I'm missing is essentially the "Tiers & Nationality, etc." BAR disappearing when in special game modes other than Co-Op and Random. I understand that it applies the proper filters/restrictions beforehand. Still, for somebody like me with too many ships, it will be nice to access in the usual fastest way rather than having to click on the small greenish funnel on the left side. Thanks
  8. What a pain in ass this whole flag issue that came back "actual"!!! Did you tell WG that, opposite to German Navy, the Rising Sun" is STILL the Ensign Flag of the Japanese Self-Defense Maritime to this day? Nevermind... 1) Thanks for the disco link but it doesn't work. Can you check it, please? 2) Am I correct by saying that modified flags are seen only by my client? 2) Alternatively I've saved from Res-Mods folder with your pack#5 the following: res_mods/gui/nation_flags & res_mods/content Is that all? I guess I can put them inside your Custom_Mods folder like I did wit my own RPF design, correct? 3) I've got inspired. But how do I handle the change of flags in some nations because their own historical changes? And is it possible to do it for every other nation as well? Thank you
  9. Hello Aslain, Japanese flag has been removed since pack#7 and hasn't returned yet. Is there any technical issue?
  10. First, thank you for the download. Could it then be possible to set a Default Setting? I see it already does something alike when re-installing the mod with clean (new) preferences.xml, but I'm not sure how it exactly works. Right now, on every new ship I get, there already applied a series of settings, always the same, but not alli I wished to have. It looks like Minimap creates on its own a Default status based on the first ship being costumized. If this could be updated somehow, that would be already a good thing
  11. Hello Aslain, can you please forward this request to Autospy that I cannot contact myself since he's on the Russian forum and I'm on the EU one. I've read via Goggle Translate his post regarding restoring circles after patch 0.10.9, but on one side I can't download mm_cfg_recovery.zip archive, on the other side I would suggest a better idea also for the future: It would be great to have some way to program and store a DEFAULT SETTING to be used as starting point for further customization. Most of the changes are based on ship type: DD, CA, BB, CV, (SUB?). Being able to save a Default Profile for each type would be already great. It also could be done by having a button to "SAVE SETTING" on an external file so that we can create DEFAULT SETTINGS by type of ships (DD, CA, BB, CV) or even for a single ship. When needed a particular setting can be loaded and applied to a new similar ship. Many thanks
  12. Hi Aslain, Mx Camo fixed with Modpack #5 Thank you a lot!!
  13. Hello Aslain!! I've found another issue: the MX Camo. I've tried with both Modpack #3 & #4 and it's the same. The icons get installed but they do not replace the originals in the camo's tab. Thanks, Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  14. Yes I do Admin installations. That error is probably due to my naive attempt to "manually" integrate Carousel Filters within the res_mods folder; something that, as I found out later, was totally unnecessary since Carousel Extended has already all I need/want.
  15. That's strange! I can confirm that mod was the issue. I had monitored the launching process in the Task Manager: it starts fine and load the first 1.8 - 1.9 GB into the RAM, then after about 40 seconds the CPU's usage % goes down to zero and it hangs there forever. Could it be its external database with (I believe) all the maps' names and coordinates of each cap? Maybe it has to do with a resolution setting. I'm running the game in Full Screen Windowed @ 1920x1200.
  16. Found it!!! It's "Travel Time to Capture Point", a new mod I was hoping to test. Also I did realize I don't need the Carousel Filter. All is already in Carousel Extended. My bad 😜
  17. Hello Aslain, I cannot load into the game with my selection of mods from your modpack. I did Check & Repair and I did try without mods and the game works. I'm attaching the Logs. In the meantime I'll try to nail down the culprit. Thanks, PS: You might notice I manually installed Carousel Filters along Car. Ext. but I've already checked it's not the one causing this. Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip btw, using the first I found today aka modpack #3 clean install option always on!
  18. Same here! Any news? Also I'd like to have the option to install it along the "classic" Carousel Extended. Atm I've to perform 1 install, save the proper files, do another install and re-add the previously saved files. Thanks!!
  19. It's all in the title, I see the Dog Tag of the sinker... And I see my own in the lower left corner once I'm dead. Thanks
  20. Hi Aslain, just wondering what's the deal with these 2 mods. Apologies in advance if someone else already asked about Thank you very much!!
  21. Aslaiin the Hero!!! Last night I've spent some 3 hours trying to "merge" the best of your Modpacks #3 and #4!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
  22. Hi Aslain, Dunno if it's the right place to post it, but could you please pass along also my impressions to Olin as such: Please don't start to screw up what's already perfect... exactly like WG. The whole purpose was to have access in "a blink of the eye" to all important stuff before hitting the Battle button too much in a rush: -signals -consumables -camos with modules and flags as a cool (but not strictly necessary) extras Now I'm supposed to navigate (or keep open) a series of menu that take a huge amount of real estate on my screen. And I don't consider 1920x1200 a small resolution... Beside, the Modules Menu might come handy just with Shimakaze and a few other ships. The Upgrades Menu is a redundancy as the mod "Valera" is better integrated and also still available in the Captain' Skills page So, nice try but I don't have use for this thing. I'd like to have back the former Carousel Extend. Thanks
  23. Hi, I've also noticed that it doesn't show anymore what ships have torpedoes and what is their range, as it is clearly visible in your screenshots so I won't even upload mine.
  24. Guys, I've been asking the same thing. Check my post: Indeed "Smoke Indicator" is the mod that causes the problem.
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