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  1. Same here! Any news? Also I'd like to have the option to install it along the "classic" Carousel Extended. Atm I've to perform 1 install, save the proper files, do another install and re-add the previously saved files. Thanks!!
  2. It's all in the title, I see the Dog Tag of the sinker... And I see my own in the lower left corner once I'm dead. Thanks
  3. Hi Aslain, just wondering what's the deal with these 2 mods. Apologies in advance if someone else already asked about Thank you very much!!
  4. Aslaiin the Hero!!! Last night I've spent some 3 hours trying to "merge" the best of your Modpacks #3 and #4!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
  5. Hi Aslain, Dunno if it's the right place to post it, but could you please pass along also my impressions to Olin as such: Please don't start to screw up what's already perfect... exactly like WG. The whole purpose was to have access in "a blink of the eye" to all important stuff before hitting the Battle button too much in a rush: -signals -consumables -camos with modules and flags as a cool (but not strictly necessary) extras Now I'm supposed to navigate (or keep open) a series of menu that take a huge amount of real estate on my screen. And I don't consider 1920x1200 a small resolution... Beside, the Modules Menu might come handy just with Shimakaze and a few other ships. The Upgrades Menu is a redundancy as the mod "Valera" is better integrated and also still available in the Captain' Skills page So, nice try but I don't have use for this thing. I'd like to have back the former Carousel Extend. Thanks
  6. Hi, I've also noticed that it doesn't show anymore what ships have torpedoes and what is their range, as it is clearly visible in your screenshots so I won't even upload mine.
  7. Guys, I've been asking the same thing. Check my post: Indeed "Smoke Indicator" is the mod that causes the problem.
  8. Good to know about the smoke indicator. I'll see if that changes something to me. Otherwise the other option to watch replays without mods, was something I had already considered and certainly will do. I just wanted to let you know about it. Maybe in the future, after WG itself addresses the issue of the dreadful current state about replays... Thank you
  9. Hello Aslain, this one is actually kind of old since it did happens to me at least 5 months ago, but only now I did realize it was a mod's fault and not WG's doing. DESCRIPTION: since at least version 10.0 every time I see a replay my HUD interface is completely missing: - minimap - team and enemy lineups on the sides - OTM markers on the actual ships - aiming cross-air - cruise interface in the lower left - all icons of weapons and consumables in the lower center The only exception is Damage Meter. The shortcuts CTRL+J (or even the old CTRL+G) doesn't work as well as ESC to access the in-game preferences. So today I tried with res_mods folder removed and the HUD was back. Not all of it, but I could press ESC and access the setting whereas I could toggle on the last missing options like "Alternative Mode" and a few "Show" this or that. Please note that when I normally play the game, these options are already on, but it looks like that when I watch replays, the game uses a different Preferences file. Maybe also the mods are fine and just this file got corrupted. Thanks in advance for any insight about this mystery. Cheers Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  10. As soon as I posted on the EU forum, after positive check it was a mod, me and a bunch of others made trials on all the port mods. It was just matter of few restarts to narrow it down to CarExt. Since Aslain has not updated the ModPack yet, if any of you feel confident enough, you can get back CarExt with a manual installation: 1) Run the ModPack and re-install the bugged CarExt 2) The developer OlliN has fix it. Go here: https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/119001-0103x-enderupl-port-interface-mod-modsapimodsinstaller/ 3) Download this from the first page of the post (scroll down a bit): 4) Replace all the appropriate files with those in your res_mod folder (check for the date: replace only those which date is today May 1st) 5) Enjoy!!!
  11. Hello Aslain!! I'd like to inform you that "Carousel Extended" has become broken as per today May 1st, as the last parts of update 10.3 kicked in with the start of the month. I've already warned the developers on the EU Forum. I'm posting here too for you to know and to help also our American cousins since my NA account is still fine at the moment, but I believe that in a couple of hours it will show there too, when WG will make the daily reset in the Americas and things like the new "Daily Rewards Screen" will make their debut. Thanks
  12. Hi, I don't have mx camo in a separate archive .7z All I did was to reinstall your modpack #9, copy/save the mx camo folder on the desktop, install your modpack #13 and move the folder back in place (where it was missing since #13 doesn't install it even if I have the checkbox). TY
  13. Hi Aslain, I've noticed that "Aslain's WoWs ModPack v10.1.0 #13" fails to install mxCamo (aka there is no C:\Games\World_of_Warships_EU\bin\3471783\res_mods\gui\camouflages ...folder I had to manually save the "camo" folder from previous installers and then paste it in after installing #13 Thanks
  14. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Hi Aslain, something went utterly wrong after updating the modpack from v7 this morning to v9 this evening. I could hear the sound I was shooting but the screen was frozen on queue. I forced crashed the game and restarted it. Again the screen froze on the teams composition this time I forced it again, installed v7 I still had and everything was fine. Among the mods you update in between v7 and v9 that might be the cause, I use: - Binocular Frame Remover - Blur Effects Remover - side panels: Badobest v1 - minimap: AutoSpy Thank you
  16. Hi Aslain, this is a little annoyance I had also in 9.5.1 but didn't report to you since I thought it would go away. Yet it's still here so... When using this mod, the NEW on red ribbon is permanently stuck, even if there is nothing new to check. It's really a minor thing. Thanks for your hard work. Best, JeT
  17. Also in TechTree there are issues with the same result of being forever stuck. I went to check the new adds. I wanted to have a look at the USS Anchorage (Tier8) and unfortunately I've clicked on the Preview. Not only it didn't upload the 3D model, leaving the previous one (my Ryujo). but also at that point I was stuck as neither ESC or BCK buttons worked, nor any shortcut from keyboard that I know of. I was forced to close the program with Task Manager. Thanks
  18. Nevermind. It got fixed with Mod-Pack #12. Thank you!!
  19. Hi Aslain, something went wrong with the last update of BADoBEST v1 side panel in mod-pack #11. The tiny icons don't show. I've reversed back to mod-pack #10 and all works just fine. Could it be it lost the link to the font "WoWsSymbol"? Thanks
  20. Greetings Aslain & all the mod authors!!! I've just experimented with the More Visible Range Finder mod and I like it enough to keep it, although I didn't strictly need it: and btw, it doesn't of course overextend to cover the Navigator Mini mod as well when this is too installed. No big deal as I understand that having 2 mods that need to be aware of each other might get a little bit too complicated. But what I really think could be a cool add is to make more visible the OTM (Over Target Marker) in the same fashion. To be more specific, what will really benefit is the "distance" parameter since both ship kind and player's name are of relative importance while the health bar is already clear enough. But the distance... too tiny, too white and if it is over smoke and/or haze environments and/or light grey rock islands in some maps... Well, I hope you got the picture. o7 to everybody!!
  21. Yeah, I'm playing around with the 1080p and I can see the code that has changed, actually added. Now tbh is too much on the right!!! LOL... Already fixing myself the problem: I've changed the first "472" to 210. And the second "472" (the one above 810) to 400. I might edit also the "810" going for 1000. Now it's perfect!! I'm attaching a full screen shot. Thank you as usual Aslain!! PS: any news yet about the Smoke Counter Mod that showed double values? Thanks buddy!! As you can see I've already fixed by myself starting from the 1080p installing option.
  22. Yeah, My screen resolution is 1920 x 1200 so I was about to try the 1080p version, but first I've done the screenshot you asked for with the "dafault" installation of Dmg Meter. And yes!! I'm using the modpack #7!!
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