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  1. Thank you for your reply. The enlarged map in the video is old environment. (at 2016 Nov. / W1280 x H720 [px] / with Locastan's minimap) I want produce that in current environment, W1920 x H1080 [px]. But maximum size of the XVM Minimap is shortage like an image in former spoiler. It needs about 1000 [px] vertical hight. I think it's able to actualize modifying the substance of mod, but I cannot find where should I edit yet. So, could you implement more choices in config, or tell me where to edit.
  2. I'm using "XVM Minimap" mod. (included in ModPack) And setting its size "5". (minimap.xc line:51 -> "index": 5,) Is there any way to enlarge this zoomed ALT minimap like an attached image? I want to use it for debriefing part in my WoT playing movie, like below link (after 6:46). -------- p.s. Dear Mr.Aslain Thank you for containing my WoWS minimap mod.
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