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  1. @Aslain First off, I LOVE your modpack and have donated, which is not something I do until I am sure of the value I'm getting. Your ModPack is fantastic. However, you have to pardon me as this is the first time using a ModPack at the time of a major update. I see you dropped a lot of mods in the release. Is this because those mods aren't supported in this version and you are waiting for the authors to update their mods? Will these come back at some point? Or is this a permanent change. I ask because there were Cross Hair mods I really liked Curious Minds...
  2. I love the modpack. Can't play without it and was happy to donate to the cause. Just one small problem. I've installed the "Disable login video" with various screen shots that are available on two computers. Neither one seems to work as the login video still plays when I start the game. Just thought I'd let you know! Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  3. Sorry to bring this back up, but since I am a new user I didn't want to start a new thread for an old problem. Would it be possible for you to just cut down the size of the window or even better, make the window resizeable! That way we could size it to fit properly on our screen and see those hidden buttons without making the font and icons so small we can't read things. Just a suggestion. Thanks for the great Mod!
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