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  1. In theory: to proof that its working i install a servercrosshair as well and when i activate the ingame servercrosshair, the behavior should be the same, right? Btw i dont trust the ingame settings :)
  2. Hello together. Is it possible to Set the servercrosshair for the aiming Circle itself so it dont shows the server crosshair additionaly? King regards JOSh
  3. many thanks! I just realized the folder "mods" in WOT directory. I only looked at the "res_mods". My only problem with the zoom is that i cant aim propperly in third person mode so i need the minimal zoom step in sniper mode. Its now working fine. Thanks again. JOSh
  4. i want to use the pmod further because there is so much good stuff. i deselectet only the zoom selection and it changes the the zoom to the preseted 2,4,8 but it doesnt use my input. camera enabled - false is standard set. Thanks or your support. JOSh
  5. Hi Quaksen, i found the file, modified it but it doesnt effect the behavior at all. I also tried in the installer other zoomsteps and the file also doesnt change. Do you know any other files? This is the original text: "sniper": { // List of multiplicities for the sniper mode // Default: [ 2, 4, 8 ]. It's possible to use a greater number of values. // Список значений кратности для снайперского режима // По умолчанию: [ 2, 4, 8 ]. Можно использовать большее количество значений. "zooms": [2, 4, 8],
  6. Hello together, is it possible to change the zoom steps in snipermode? In older xvm with .json files i could change it manually but i dont found a way to do that now. Can anyone help me? King ragards JOSh
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