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  1. (I use Google Translate) I confirmed that the icon of Nameless, Edelweiss is displayed in the new mod pack. Thank you!
  2. (I use Google Translate) OK. Sometimes this tank comes out somewhat, it looks bad a bit, but there are no other inconveniences, so it's okay for the time being. Even if there is a matter of Nameless, this icon set is very easy to see and I like!
  3. (I use Google Translate) Thank you. Either function is very useful. Characters are super viewable now!
  4. (use Google translation) The attached image is as follows. Maybe, Edelweiss too. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  5. (use Google translation) I will piggyback and report it. The same symptom appears for the item above "Font size fix" above.
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