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  1. Okay, will do when I get home. But won't those logs be gone because I installed the updated mod? My issue came when the game was updated. When it was updated, I got the new installer, to update my mod. I picked the recommended modpack with XVM option like I did before, and got a different setup.
  2. Hello everyone. I have used this modpack pretty much ever since I started the PC game and I love it. But right now, I'm having an issue getting my previous configuration back. I installed the configuration I liked last update, which looked like the one in this video, same damage counters, reticle, team screens, etc. But then, the recent update came along and the mod was out-of-date. So, as usual I went to get the new installer, and I ran it and picked the default recommended Aslain's modpack. But when I installed it, I got something different. Does anyone know how I can get the same modpack shown in that video?
  3. BTW it should be in your Downloads folder on Windows
  4. What do you all think is the best way to train my crews? I am at tier 3 on this account, and have a Matilda BP as my only premium. How should i go about my crews?
  5. Ok, interesting. Do I have to reinstall the mod?
  6. It's in here. I want to see the picture of the tank there instead of only the name.
  7. The link in the description did bring me here. But I couldnt get the mod selection on the installer.
  8. Ok. What about the mod selection? How can I do that?
  9. Hey. I got the mod last night at 9 and played some games. The textures and stuff worked well the way they were but nobody’s stats showed. I only have about 100 games on this account, and am playing low tiers, so is that a part of it? Because stats did not come up last night. I watched a videos where with the installer you could pick what you wanted on a “Mod Selection Page” of the installer, where you could pick WN8 color scheme, and also where you can pick to see a picture of the tank in the players panel, which I thought was really cool. But I don’t think I saw that page when I installed mine. I saw that on this video. So, if anyone could tell me why the stats didn’t come up last night, and how to select and customize my mods like I saw in the video, that would be much appreciated. Thanks!
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