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  1. Wow, didn't expect that to work, but I've gone up to 2.3 MB/s connecting via USA. Huge thanks!
  2. Hi! Since 1-2 weeks I can't seem to be able to download the mods. Mod download speed is stuck at ~100 kb/s, and it keeps goind down to even 7 kb/s and back up to a 100-150ish. It used to go up to ~3 mb/s. I'm using win10. Tried downloading on a different PC with win10 in the same network, changing the network my pc is connected to, and even running the download on a win7 VM, but nothing seems to help. In posts like this one it says that it might be due to the servers being overloaded, but I'm pretty sure they're not, at least not to such an extent. My friend was downloading the modpack literally at the same time when I tried, and he didn't have any problems whatsoever. Still, I tried waiting a few days, but nothing changed. I live in Poland, so I assume there should be no problems related to my distance from the server. Both networks I tried connecting to are provided by Orange, one was home router and the other one mobile hotspot. Does anyone have any clues on what's going on?
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