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  1. Hey guys, just an update on my issues here. I've been trying to run the Modpack with the following options disabled, that I previously had enabled. I don't seem to be getting crashes, but I am still getting very big FPS drops during intense action with lots of explosions, to around 20 FPS, at 4k resolution. The gameplay also gets extremely choppy and unplayable. I know this has something to do with the Modpack, because when I run in "Safe Mode" with no mods, I am not having those same very large FPS drops during intense action. I am running a steady 55-90 FPS, with no drops below that, even with intense action/explosions/etc. These are now disabled, but still getting the large FPS drop. xvm\addons\xvm_sight\splashsphere xvm\addons\xvm_sight\autoaimindicator xvm\addons\xvm_sight\info\aimtime xvm\addons\xvm_sight\info\flytime modpack\spot_indicator modpack\aimhelpingmods\autoaim_indicator modpack\hitmarker modpack\gfxenhancers\maxfarplane Please advise, thanks guys! Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip *Please note that I have included an updated Aslains_WoT_Logs file in this message.
  2. So, I used the WMCleaner and did a clean install of Aslain's, got rid of: xvm\addons\xvm_sight\splashsphere xvm\addons\xvm_sight\autoaimindicator xvm\addons\xvm_sight\info\aimtime xvm\addons\xvm_sight\info\flytime modpack\spot_indicator modpack\hitmarker modpack\gfxenhancers\maxfarplane I am still getting very big FPS drops, and stuttering/choppy gameplay with the Modpack loaded. I loaded without mods again, and everything is fine afterwards, no issues. I hope you guys can figure out what's causing this?
  3. I will try disabling those, and see how the performance is. To me it seems unusual that those mods would make such a big FPS drop at 4k. I suspect it is probably only one of them that doesn't scale well to 4k resolution somehow. That doesn't explain the crashes? I will try without those particular mods, however. As for 4k versus 2k, I can play at 2k without any issues, but the game looks so much nicer (to me) in 4k.
  4. Hello, since 1.4, I have experienced random game crashes (which requires computer restart to fix) with the Modpack installed. I have just played a few hours in "safe mode" with no mods, and no problems at all. With the Modpack installed, I keep getting big FPS drops to around 20-30 FPS at 4k resolution. In "safe mode", with no mods running, and all settings to maximum at 4k graphics, I am getting no FPS drops like that, it is 55 FPS minimum. This has to be a Modpack issue, because it only happens with the Modpack running. I have no other mods besides Aslain's Modpack running. If you could at least tell me which one of the mods in the Modpack is causing this, I can disable that one, and keep using the rest of the Modpack. Thanks! I really like your Modpack, and I hope I can keep using it! Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip I should also mention that when the FPS drops to 20-30 FPS, there is a lot of stuttering, and the game is basically unplayable.
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