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  1. Thank you for your patience :)
  2. Thanks for helping me, now set transparency on 60%, looks better now.
  3. I'm really sorry to confuse you, I thought the amount of transparency have to do with it, maybe it's better to leave it as it is now. I'm very happy with Aslain and will stop with this topic pls. :)
  4. Thank you, here my settings about this pls.
  5. To be sure have made a kill? Or there is a better solution in Aslain for seeing this pls?
  6. Thank you, I've tried but no positive result pls?
  7. Hello, during the battle many time I need to look to my tank, but I can't see him, it's possible to make only my tank more visible please?
  8. Hello, sometimes you do something wrong, it's possible to save to repair the settings of Aslain?
  9. Super, I understand, thank you very much :)
  10. Hello, I like to know which function and the name of the three light behind my tank are please
  11. Well, it was a idee, now I have searched and found this? Is this something http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/430923-wot-map-viewer-show-wot-minimap-in-external-program/
  12. Hello, it's possible in Aslain to get a 3D mini map in World of Tanks please?
  13. The game updated. Get the installer. How I get the installer please? Now he's founded, sory for the discomfort. :(
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