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Looking for a lead Delphi programmer with a spare time.
Szukam doświadczonego programisty Delphi z czasem, który może poświęcić.


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  1. Thank you, this is what i found. Regards, Tankdriver
  2. Dear employee, here a look back from 2014, A look back from 2014, if you put the focus on a tank, an image of this tank with important data appears here, does such a setting still exist, please?
  3. Hello, I can't see the green (red) flag on the minimap, WoT forum is thinking on a wrong mod setting? Can you help me please? In the mean time I've found the right settings. For me this Topic is solved. Sorry for any troubles...
  4. Dear employee, can you look at the picture please, there is something went wrong?
  5. Thank you very much. :-) Tankdriver.
  6. Hello, how I can enable the option: Damage Upon Spotting, please Regards, Tankdriver
  7. Thank you, very much, in combination new Aslain mod and Crosshair: Taipan 3 and Aim circle: Giacint now it's working fine again. :-)
  8. Have changed in Aslain, but sitll no aim circle...
  9. I hope doing this good... I've send all the log files. ASLAIN logs 11-12-19.rar
  10. So still waiting for logs. Sorry, what I can or have to do about it please, waiting on a new Aslain Mod?
  11. The tank is the Swedish STRV S1 please.
  12. Hello, today after new update WoT and after installing Aslain, the aiming circle is disappeared? WoT advised me to remove Res_Mods and Mods and some other things, then the mouse aiming circle appeared again. Then after installing the last Aslains_WoT_Modpack_Installer_v. the mouse aiming circle was disappeared again? There is a solution for this problem please?
  13. Hello, today WoT does not start after new WoT update, I think have to wait for new Aslain Aslains_WoT_Modpack_Installer_v. update?
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