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  1. thanks a lot works like a charm again very helpful mod pack easy to install and im so happy not not have the clutter on the simple XVM mod
  2. the red square is the one im using at the moment and it works fine, I wish to use the 2 selected ShuraBB Main / Alt Maps and they did work fine before but not since I used the updated mod pack. Aslains WOT logs are with the mods active sorry for the confusion
  3. [/img] hiya im fairly new with mods in WOT I installed the 2 check addons for the minimap and they worked fine I think it was either #7 or #8 I then updated/changed to the newer mod around #9 and the 2 mods will not work at all none of them appear in game as they did before.. I can get the singular to work the Tactical minimap images for SPG/TD/Passive scout but not the ones I wish to use I did try and wait afew updates to see if this got fixed and looked around to try and solve this myself but to no avail Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
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