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  1. Client was hanging/crashing when attempting to leave a battle, or at a battle's end, after installing the mod pack with Zorgane’s gun sounds. When trying to leave, got a black screen with a spinning gear wheel and the legend "logging in" (instead of “updating vehicles”) and client unresponsive. When battles ended, view went back to the garage (modified with the hangman "few garages" mod) but still showing minimap, team composition etc of battle just left, and empty as though vehicle was still in battle, and again unresponsive client. Only solution was Task Manager and End Task. One or other was happening about 1 battle in 5. This was before the Zorgane gun sounds were removed from the modpack because of suspicion they were causing crashes. Reinstalled mods, moving to WWIIHA gun sounds. No crashes, no hangs. Aslain subsequently removed the Zorgane gun sounds under suspicion. When they were reinstated, I reinstalled them. Immediately, the crashes and hangs have started again. Again, about 1 battle in every 5, although it starts off less frequent and becomes more so. Still happening now. I've just had to force quit WoT again. There does seem to be a connection.
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