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    AUXILIUM - Frontlines

    yea but the problem is everytime you uninstal (or dont load)l AUX.. everything unloads... and you spend 3 days reloading camo, consumables and equipment... thats a huge hassle for 214 tanks... kinda defeats the whole point in having it.. which was to make that.. entire routine.. HASSLE FREE as it is right now... i dont even want to login... lol... all my tanks need Camo reloaded... gear reloaded... cant remember my setups... and consumables reloaded... ARGH!!!
  2. I love the mod.... the game needs better control of these items, then is currently installed in base client. SO good job. Frontlines... however.. is totaly screwy I go in a battle, and every tank i choose after the first.. has no camo, no equipment (free movable), and no consumables... I even took the time before the battle... 3 different times to make sure everything was setup. It also prevents the UI from showing Frontlines perk assignments. I dont want to have to uninstall... but tbh, with frontlines going all year.. no way I am playing this turn on turn off game... all year. Thanks for your hardwork, its a good idea, hopefully you can manage a work around, if you havent already
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