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  1. The issue is resolved. I loaded the new mod pack version and changed the XVM config from the standard XVM config to Aslains. Logged in and was good to go...
  2. I ran the integrity check on the game client and it had no effect. I have also attached the log files as requested. Thank you sir! Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  3. I have checked my settings on the XVM website and verified that they are active. I also get my win8 and other xvm stats in the after battle report. But the Battle Loading screen shows no XVM stats for myself or other players on both teams (I use the large loading screen). Is there something going on with XVM or is it just me? If it's me, what could be causing the issue? Thanks!
  4. Update: I ran another virus definition update from the Windows Defender GUI and it corrected the problem. I was able to successfully download and install the current ModPack...
  5. I ran the commands listed in your post (above) but I am still getting the virus detection as soon as the file download completes. Am I missing a step? Thanks!
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