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  1. I haven't actually been able to reproduce the problem since I posted this. I did turn off "Hide spam" in the game under Settings/General, hoping that would make a difference, and it seemed to fix the problem, but when I re-checked the box, it still seemed to work ok. Maybe the mod was conflicting with the game setting, and toggling it fixed the conflict? Since the game actually has tools to manage/block spam now, I'm just deselecting the chat filter mod for future installations. Not sure what the "hate" blocking component of the mod is actually doing, but lets just say it's
  2. I've been getting the message "keep up with your own rules (spam)" lately whenever I try to type something in chat. I'm not spamming...this is happening even if it's the first thing I try to type in a game. Usually when I notice it it's been when I try to type something after I die, although not always. It doesn't affect platoon chat... that seems to work ok. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
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