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  1. Yes... After you told me the german name i didn't find anything and then i googled shell info to see what the Mod does... But since the Update #8 the Game didn't crash... Let's hope that i keeps running Great Thanks for your Support Tip is on the Way
  2. You mean this Mod? "Shell info by RaJCeL" I checked my Settings twice but i have no Mod installed about the Shell.... By the Way... Don't know why but now the Zorgane now works fine I deactivated Final Shot Mod and changed the HD Map Images... I'll see if it hangs up again...
  3. It's logical that it's a selected Mod... Otherwise it makes no sense But what's is the German Name for it? The only Shell Mod i know is the Final Shot Mod... I installed your Modpack new, including Zorgane... I'll try to make it work...
  4. http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/596268-1511-guns-and-engines-sounds-revival-by-zorgane-v-208/page__st__980#topmost This is where i download it from... You know the Threat... I really don't know what i'm doing wrong... Otherwise i wouldn't ask for help... I always download your actual Modpack and install it always on the same way... The only Mods which don't work by me are Mods that Changes Sounds... Like Gunsounds, Enginesounds or Crewsounds... Don't know why... When i install it, the only Sound i hear is the Sound of my Chains... And what Shell Info Mod do you mean?
  5. My actual Modpack is #07 whitch i downloaded 21.06. at 10am... The only Mod i downloaded separate is the Gnomefather Gunsound Mod, because when i install it with your Modpack i've got no Game Sound... I've got only one more Log in my Appdata/Temp File... Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip How can i create a new? Is it possible that i made a mistake in this Screen?
  6. Since the Aslain Update to my Game suddenly freezes during a Match... The only Way is to close the Client over the Taskmanager and restart it... I happens after a different count of Matches... There is not regularity... When i play without Mods the Game seems to work perfect... What can i do to stop the Freezes? Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  7. Mannet


    Hello, I've got nearly the same Problem with Version 07... Until Version 06 everything was fine, but since i updated to 07 the Game often hangs in the "Garage-Loading Screen" (added Picture)... I can only stop the Game via Taskmanager and restart... I just made the Update without installing anything new... Greez Mannet Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
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