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  1. LOL. reading your signature to the end my have helped! sorry about that. I believe that is what I did (at least one of the many things I did) so I guess I shall hope Aslain sees this thread. Thank you very much! :-)
  2. Thank you for the fast and helpful reply. I had already tried the scaling with no effect. The DPI settings did not work. So I tried doing the 640*480 setting option in that compatibility tab. This did not work either as I could not see everything again. But I discovered that changing resolution to 2560*1600 did work so I did that. However at the end while the program finished installing and I should have seen the "it is finished please support me windows" the screen started flashing like crazy changing resolutoins on its own. So I ctrl/alt/del and it stopped flashing long enough for me to reset screen resolution to my standard one and everything seems to be fine now.. Any further ideas on how not to have to go through this process in the future would be very appreciated. I have attached the report you suggested. (if I understood correctly) WoT_report.wgc
  3. Hi there, Issue: the installer window size is wrong: it does not show the buttons to "continue", (next, install?) . Also (although not a problem per say) the scroll function goes all the way to the bottom of the options, but if you look at the scroll bar it is not represented to the bottom (see attached files) I am not able to change the window size either by clicking on the "maximize window" button or by trying to drag it out. this is the only software I have this problem with. History: About 6 months ago had same problem: the solution was to change the settings "size of text and icons" in the windows setting by going down to 100% from 250% which is the default on my machine) About 2 months ago problem vanished and I did not need to change % of size anymore. Now after windows 10 latest update the problem seems is back again. Can you help please?
  4. Hi there, downloaded a new installer and now found the Next button. THanks
  5. Hi I tried ever I tried every single resolution and % of scaling and the results were the same.
  6. Did not know about desktop scaling.... will look it up . Thanks
  7. I can not see a NEXT button on my installer on the screen/step where you choose what you install... What am I doing wrong?
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