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  1. same issue here, Been having this issue since last week. I have the WN8 with win chance checked, no different then how i always run the mod, It has not worked through any of the last few patches, even downloaded the newest update today and this is what i still have!!! it just gives me the win chance and nothing else!!! Nevermind bud, i went in and looked at my mod setting closer and noticed that there was a checkmark in the win chance only box, I overlooked it since i never actually checked that box manually so it must have automatically checked the box for me. Sorry about that. You can delete this post if you need to
  2. Is there a bug i am not aware of that is keeping the WN8 from showing at top of screen along with my win chance?? Its only showing win chance and no team WN8 for either side, Everything else is working fine except that!!!
  3. First picture is what i am seeing while using the mod pack, the 2nd picture is what i see when the mod pack in uninstalled, I have never had this issue in frontline at all using your mod pack up until now!!!
  4. I have downloaded the newest release update After battle it does not show the frontlines xp and ranking slider like it used to, it just shows the regular pubs after battle report screen and i can hear the noise in background of the frontlines after battle screen but its not showing it. i will try to get a screenshot of what i mean after i uninstall mod and go vanilla
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