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  1. Also the golden consumable when "extra" is not golden for the new Italian cruisers.
  2. As the title, it doesn't show up in the battle Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  3. Little bump and about the custom camo, I meant this one:
  4. As a big fan of a ship, I was wondering if there is any chance for a mod with custom Błyskawica camo (the official one from game that you can win in events and such) and another mod for the Błyskawica flag preview at the bottom in port. They changed that now to the "European" flag and it looks ugly as fuck. I changed the small flag that appears in battles, but that's all that you can do without mods. Any chance @Aslain for these simple mods?
  5. The Japanese voiceovers are still active (even if I disabled the mod during installing and it is disabled in settings...) Should I upload the logs?
  6. Updated to the latest mod version, also removed the Golden Premium ships (Tech Tree & Dock) as for some reason I couldn't see new Russian BBs. Now the Tech Tree looks fine, Storm on the Ocean is working again, although it still has that "_TOOLTIP" text at the end for some reason... I will test the voiceovers if they are all gone later.
  7. Dunno, seems like my mods got fucked up during an update. I removed the voiceover mods, but I still hear them in game, I even changed the settings of voiceover. I will try to reinstall once again.
  8. So I updated the client and mod, here is the first issue that I find:
  9. so I downloaded now the Windows 10 May Update, of course, it restarted the computer and now the game works just fine. I do have to say that the mod caused in past the issue with never-ending logging but the problem seem to always go away after some restarts, updates etc. Can't say what's causing that.
  10. Game was working fine yesterday, I was running the #11 version, today it wouldn't start. I also updated to #13, but still nothing. It's stuck on the "logging screen", I did the WGCheckTool, here is the logfile: Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip WGCheckError.log
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