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  1. region changer back, BUT..... you cannot select multiple regions. I think there are a glitch
  2. It will suck because I will need 3 versions LOL. C'mon region changer
  3. still crossing my fingers someone comes up with one
  4. I was just using it before patch. that sucks... will need 3 versions of the game...grrr
  5. I did not see the region changer... any eta?
  6. Any ETA on the region changer?
  7. yea I would hate to go back to 2 versions of the game on my computer
  8. Is the region changer coming back? Just curious. Thanks H
  9. I dont know, in WOT it calls it a region changer
  10. Is there a region converter for WOW? I have it on WOT, but dont see it on WOW thanks in advance
  11. I would like wowp mods..... hope you consider it3
  12. I try to switch in the launcher but I remember there was a mod that allowed all the servers. let me know what to do
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