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  1. 4 all they have same Problems, i deletet my wargaming folder in my User folder and then i reinstalled the game. Now it works fine.
  2. so, i tried many different things including deinstalling the modpack. nothing will help. when i start in save mode, the game will start. now i try to reinstall the game. BTW, ii cant create an BUG Report! The folder is empty every time. 13.06.2019 22:59 Ok, i reinstalled the game and it worked without aslains modpack. Then i installed an other (not aslain) mod and it worked already. After i installed Aslains modpack wot crash at the loading screen. And deinstalling the Aslain Modpack will not help. Now the game crash again and again. Only reinstall WOT will help. Is it possible to get an older version of your Modpack cause its the best pack you can get!! 13.06.2019 23:05 Didnt Know what you have changed but #4 Version is running without an Problem!! You Made it!! And here is a Donation 4 Your Great work!! Your Modpack is the Best!! 23:22 Game crash again!! PS: Sorry 4 may bad english!
  3. After i was installing the last Modversion #03 my game crash every time i start. First i see the loading screen round about 15 seconds but bevor i come to the login screen, the game crash. Then i have to open the Task Manager and kill the running game Task bevor i can try it again. Without the Mod, its not a Problem to start the game. Maybe someone can help me. Best regards Watschnburli
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