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  1. hey aslain i found the issue of my problem, when i install (ind.tank skins : camo t71 classic remove than my interface screen is blocked ) i hope you have something from this answer also the arty log doesn't work greats patje69_69
  2. it is in all battle mode random , frontline etc. the game starts up all players are there but when the countdown is done the weel in the middle of the sreen stays there ( loading interface) en i can not move the tank . the tank stays locked only the gun turns and i can also schoot but nothing more . i have also tried to instal the mod without battle observer (because there was a problem with it ) and sometimes it works , but now with the latest update it doesnt work
  3. hallo i have a problem ,when i start up a game he goes into battle but the interface loading screen stay blocked i can not move my tank the screen stays on interface .
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