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  1. Most all overlays (HUD elements) are not being displayed when running a replay file. i.e., no mini-map, no reticle, no chat window, no team line up, no ribbons, etc. However, some text is displayed such as for "damage received by other ships". Has anyone else run into this?
  2. It appears this issue is back with: ModPack v10.5.0 #00
  3. Plane icons do not show up on the AutoSpy mini-map. The "circles" for fighter coverage are displayed, but neither fighter or bomber/attack squadron icons show up on the mini-map.
  4. Confirmed! Have to unzip the .ZIP file prior to calculating the SHA-256 hash value.
  5. will give it a shot! Thanks! Looks like that was indeed the culprit! Thanks again!
  6. Installed "Aslain's WoWs ModPack v8.5.0 #02". When in battle and after taking a certain amount of damage, the "health indicator" graphic suddenly indicates zero health although 80% health remains. See images below. Both images are from the same battle (with the Mod Pack installed). The observed behavior does not occur if the Mod Pack is not installed -- have verified that twice now. The issue appears to be present in the very 1st version of the v8.5.0 Mod Pack and is likely dependent on the my installation options (since no one else appears to have reported the problem yet). just before: then after taking a "good hit": File created using the "Aslains_WoWs_Logs_Archiver.exe" application: LOGS ZIP FILE Selected installation options (in the event their is an issue with the LOGS ZIP FILE link):
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