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  1. i started a new account here no problem, until I sign out, when I try to sign back in I get a 'wrong password' notice. so i changed my password and sign in okay, til i log out. the same 'wrong password' notice again when trying to sign in again, so another new password...and again several times same problem...what am I doing wrong? any help will be appreciated, Ed
  2. sorry, I cant seem to find that mod,on the Na server, could you tell me the mod number it is or a better location please. Ed
  3. could you add an in-battle clock, like the one in world of tanks? Thanks, Ed
  4. Do the mod only change gun sounds or both gun and engine sounds?
  5. I uninstalled mod pack, then reran the installer, but did NOT used any xvm related mods; the game runs fine 7/2/2019
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