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  1. My thoughts exactly. As i work with XAML frequently, i'm very used to that sort of syntax. To clarify, a / in an orphan tag is used as an escape character, to specify its orphancy. Reason why HTML has <br/> tags to end line. So perhaps something broke withing the preferences.xml file upon install of the modpack, but there is no way to know without confirmation from Aslain himself. I'd be glad to attach my preferences.xml file for reference, had it not contained my connection strings and tokens used for logging into my account. Still, the problem can't just be worked around. We need a fix on this.
  2. A bit more on the topic, Yokosuka Barrier's skybox is completely broken :
  3. Greetings, I'm encountering a bug where selecting the "Yokosuka Barrier" port in-game will work as intended in the scope of this running instance of WOWS, but after restarting the game, the port will revert back to "Philippines". - Trying to select "Yokosuka Barrier" port again is impossible, as it appears already activated, just like "Philippines". So two enabled ports, somehow. - Selecting another random port is possible, but current selected Port will read "Yokosuka Barrier". - Selecting another port then selecting "Yokosuka Barrier" again is impossible, and will yield same result as 1st bullet point. ^ The only way to clear the bug is to restart the game once more. Only then is "Yokosuka Barrier" selectable again, and usable, but next restart will yield the same result, if selected. Regards, DJ Daemonix Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
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