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  1. GURKA/GURK4 (EU server) is recruiting players & searching field commanders The competitive clan Gurkha, in game known as GURKA & GURK4, is looking for good players with a positive attitude, a passion for clan battles and motivation to consistently learn & improve. We offer you: - high activity in clan battles in a top typhoon clan that occasionally makes it into hurricane. - an English-speaking multinational team of good players that help each other & improve together. - the chance to participate in different internal & external competitive events throughout the year. - Upgraded ports with all the bonuses maxed out. What we search for: - active players with the will to consistently improve and be active during CB seasons. - at least basic English, so that we can understand you and the other way around. We communicate over Discord, so the App and a working microphone are obligatory. - for GURK4: stats of at least one out of: 50% WR, 1200 PR, 5000 Battles or 5 tier X ships. - for GURKA: constant high activity, at least 10 tier X ships, 1500PR, 5000+ Battles and 55% WR. Real Life FIRST: Although we demand high activity, a good reason not to be active (e.g. family issues, different hobbies, work or other trouble) is an excuse and will not result in you losing membership of GURKA. In GURK4 the one with the longest period of inactivity will be kicked as soon as we need space. CANDIDATS FOR BECOMING FIELD COMMANDERS… will get the chance to join GURKA earlier or even directly without joining GURK4 first, depending on how much experience & which stats you have and how you perform. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED… send a message to our recruiter [GURKA] N_Sabbu or [GURK4] Ssessessess in game or contact them by discord-ID Sabbu#6408 or oldegregg79#2632
  2. Got it. Thanks again for the help Aslain.
  3. Seems all good now, first game after log-in worked as usual, second game in mino worked well, also the third in venezia. also tried 5 games in clan bat also worked normally. BTW: in the last 2 days I switched the 'Alternative Interface Mode' from OFF to ADAPTIVE, its found in the control panel in the settings menu. haven't changed any other settings in months. Thanks. Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  4. just did it, trying a couple of games dunno, maybe the new update....
  5. Here you go, still learning how to do things. Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  6. The arrow showing how much of the rudder is steered is always showing full left. first game on log-in is fine, after that starts to show full left, always. the side which I steer on is highlighted, but that's about it. couple of my clan mates report the same, using your mods. I haven't tried it without mods yet.
  7. I downloaded it with kaspersky disabled, works fine now. Thanks Aslain!
  8. I did restore it and still the application didn't start. so I had to take the last resort ;)
  9. Well after declaring the files as false positives, still the application was unable to start correctly. Anyway, I hit alt-ctrl-del, ended every kaspersky process and installed the mod without a hitch. Thanks for the help guys and keep up the great work!
  10. Hello there Aslain, I would like to report some issues regarding the last two Mod updates of WoWs. I am a consummate user of your Mods, both WoWs and WoT. In this last week when I tried to download the WoWs mod 8.5.1_ #2 and #3, my anti-virus found some issues with the mod file and also download mirrors #2 and #3. I've been using your mods for over a year and a half now using the same Security program (kaspersky) and never encountered these issues both on WoWs and WoT Now the last 2 updates (WoWs) where infected with UDS Backdoor and in one instant mod #3 even registered a Trojan. When I downloaded the files (mirror#1) they where automatically deleted. When I set the setting to Override, it simply stated that the Program can't even open! When I tried to download from different mirrors (#2 and #3), a page pops up saying "Access Denied, The requested URL cannot be provided" when I override that issue, the file started to download and when it finished the Security program simply deleted the file (as mentioned above) Pls note that on the WoT Mods i've never had issues like this (I downloaded the last mod version yesterday), both files and mirrors. Thanks for your support and mods and hope to overcome these issues as I'm an addict of your mods.
  11. same problem here, the first time since I've been using this (more than a year) and when i download from mirror 1, the AV simply delete's the download. can't download from the other 2 bec AV blocks the URL
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