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  1. You mean reinstall the Aslain modpack or the whole Wow game from scratch ?
  2. So i just replace the res_mods folder with that one? Update: I replaced the game folder with the res_mods you provided, overwriting all file, launched the game exe, but still no changes. Need to load the mods manually or edit the launcher to make them works maybe? Anything else i could try? The path into bin32\paths.xml that i screened is correct, should i try to uninstall Alsain modpack first? Thx for the advices
  3. Hi here is the whole res_mods folder as you requested it's small because just those 2 UI addon i tried to use are inside. res_mods.zip
  4. Hi So maybe it's about the installation folder ? The game itself is installed into the D:\ partition of hd, i also checked the Wow folder, where the modpack is installed, and the path i found into bin64 xml file look like this (2 screen):
  5. Those are the pics. The UI as it shows up (basic) And the modpack that are installed instead. Hope it help, because actually i can't find a reason, framework shoulndn't matter.
  6. Hello, thx for the reply. Simply ships bars don't show up at all, the UI is like vanilla. For that i posted the log file, i'll make a screen of the ui if it helps.
  7. Hello today i tried your modpack , installed it without problems and picked up the lateral ships HP bar display, but the mods just didn't showed up at all during my games. After various tries and reinstalling, i tried using the Modstation, but during installation of Modstation got an error with Microsoft Net framework 4.7 (wich apparently i don't have, and my win 10 refuses to upgrade it from 4.5). Anyway, as far as you know your mod installer needs framwork 4.7 to work properly? Or maybe the mods themselves needed framework 4.7 to operate? Could be that being my framework is 4.5 the reson for hp bars not showing up in game even after installation of your modpak went smootly? I'm really confused about that. Regards and keep up the good work! Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip P.S. Also checked that "teams line up" is enabled into game options, so that's not the case for the side panels not showing up.
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