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  1. i'm talking about the initial installer. that thing is 120MB big and takes 3 minutes to download. and thank you, i've been there in ADSL times. But it's ridiculous that i can downlad a 10Gig game on Steam faster than a 120MB mod installer. (500MBit/s down, if you were wondering, so 63MB/s.) That is what is bothering me. The fact that a download of a 120MB file, in this day and age, takes 3 minutes to be done. Those are the speeds i'm getting from the 2 working mirrors. Which is absolutely horrible.
  2. Is there not a better way to update the mods the Modpack can download? Could it not read from a JSON File that's hosted somewhere instead of having to re-download a 120MB file from different slow servers? Just a suggestion
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