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  1. There is no other way to prevent this ? as i kinda like Azur lane (this is why im currently play Wow tbh) i missed the Azur lane event and was happy to have a dorm for my bote
  2. Hi , i downloaded the pack this morning and wanted to get the Azur Lane Dorm Port. When i quit the game and re launch it , no matter how much i wait, i ll get the dorm selected in the top left corner , but will have another Port visible and can't swap as the dorm is already taken. The only way to make it work is to select another Port, Quit and re launch to finally swap with the dorm. i don't know if this problem is known as every Port Home is like this, but i should specify that i'm on steam platform. I downloaded a crosshair ( the nomogram white one ) too and i've had no issue yet.
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