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  1. There is a way to install it correctly... it's hidden down inside Steam's Directory but not as usual the WorldOfTanks Dir, >>>>> it's inside it! Proceed as normal install pointing at the "EU" dir, or in my case using the load_inf.exe to setup it up with my saved settings from the WG install Hope it Help Alain
  2. Hello Aslain, !!thanks for your efforts!! At what part of my question are you referring to... Countdown or Unwanted text??? I tried several option ingame and also several Mod crossair. Nothing really change: no countdown !! In game you can put to zero the value of condition, and most of the texts will disappear .. but also some other info !!
  3. Sorry, I forgot to post the existing settings These are the view I get.... In the first picture: the moving arrow circled the loading time number that doesnt change and.... Boxed in RED, the text I want to disappear
  4. I'm back with a new PC, after having left the game for a full year, and I recovered the Aslain "Saved setting File" .. no problem here. Installed the mods with the same layout (more or less) HOW to show up the countdown for shell loading time in numbers If I remember correctly it was an In-game option offered by the game itself in setting. May be I'm wrong ... Cannot find this setting In mod ... I have a fixed number showing the load time, and an arrow on the left of the scope moving on a path... 0->100 but that dont give me any discrete number, and It's clearly
  5. ok, found it. Bat.Ass was removed from Mod and also from settings. I had to open settings and add it again. Now everything is back in tracks. :-D
  6. No idea why: Battle Assistant doesn't appear with last .4 .5 mod version. May be you can help me ? (now I'm copying it manually - I've set a small .bat doing that) Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  7. Hahaha :-D you're right, but dont take it bad... I never read accurately whatever when I do an Update !! ... so sure I missed it (I usually read notice before updating) As for Aslain mod several version.. on another side ... -may be I missed something there as well- So many clicks for getting it started in update as in a new install. (may I suggest a specific button if a user just want to update?) So also the relevant change log will be easy to detect !! :-D And thanks for your really fantastic work Thanks, I really appreciate your care and fas
  8. I do agree with Bubs. I'm an Arty player... cannot play with WG "lift effect" up and down bring me seasick ! The only way is to stop it With BatAss "ignore obstacles" option. I reinstalled from Author site, but I prefer if you leave it in you pack, may be with a warning and an option to disable it. Thanks for your great job, but please if you remove something, put a notes. --- > I went crazy yesterday, not knowing why I was feeling really bad while playing... ( till I realized BatAss was not there)
  9. Missing my preferred Mod .. it works only on :-) thanks for your are Aslain !! Alain
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