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  1. wrong, just because someone has an actual, problem, you gotta "blame the user having the problem" Seriously, you think you're better then everyone else, and you get off to labeling other's badly.... I'm sorry dude, but i did exactly what the mod pack told me, Installed it correctly. so before you label someone, try to get to know them first. I'm not asking anyone else for help, since nobody here takes anyone seriously. And if you continue harassing other's who have issues, i dunno man... someone will flip, and alert the authorities on ya. All i know is, my game kept having issues, and kept freezing, and because i had an actual issue, everyone on here called me a liar... so i dunno what to tell ya...
  2. I already tried to use Compose Rose's mod pack, when i emailed them about my Issue, they replied once.... They told me "go on discord", and welll no troll, no joking , i don't use Discord... after i told that to them. I never got a reply back. My issue is, whenever i load the game up, and enter a battle, the game locks up. I tried to be friendly, but they just don't believe me, or take me seriously, so after i tried to reach out to them, I just gave up. I installed it correctly, didn't add any weird attachments. so. Like i said.. Crimson, refused to give me a chance, I guess everyone online is either full of hatred, or just don't believe people who are struggling or having mod pack issues.
  3. I'm trying to find a good Anime Mod for my World of Warships, that won't glitch, or crash... I have one atm called the Kantai Collection, the mod works... But my ships have no skins.... and Whenever i enter battle mode my game crashes. Everything loads up fine, so if the mod needs updated... i dunno why it would run all the other area's just fine.. But i'm just trying to find a mod that lets me play the game anime style, so far i haven't had much luck. And i'm gonna throw this out there... I'm new to modding... So.. please don't troll me.. i really do wish to have a fun anime skinned mod so i can play with ships that have anime skins on em, and etc. Without Crashing.
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