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  1. I already tried to use Compose Rose's mod pack, when i emailed them about my Issue, they replied once.... They told me "go on discord", and welll no troll, no joking , i don't use Discord... after i told that to them. I never got a reply back. My issue is, whenever i load the game up, and enter a battle, the game locks up. I tried to be friendly, but they just don't believe me, or take me seriously, so after i tried to reach out to them, I just gave up. I installed it correctly, didn't add any weird attachments. so. Like i said.. Crimson, refused to give me a chance, I guess everyone online is either full of hatred, or just don't believe people who are struggling or having mod pack issues.
  2. I'm trying to find a good Anime Mod for my World of Warships, that won't glitch, or crash... I have one atm called the Kantai Collection, the mod works... But my ships have no skins.... and Whenever i enter battle mode my game crashes. Everything loads up fine, so if the mod needs updated... i dunno why it would run all the other area's just fine.. But i'm just trying to find a mod that lets me play the game anime style, so far i haven't had much luck. And i'm gonna throw this out there... I'm new to modding... So.. please don't troll me.. i really do wish to have a fun anime skinned mod so i can play with ships that have anime skins on em, and etc. Without Crashing.
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