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  1. In version v.9.0.0 #09 of the modpack, the Hakabase panels were reportedly updated, however none of the issues brought up in this post were fixed and a new problem was introduced. The minimap options will now open up behind the panels (see attached image). To change minimap settings now, you have to go into the panel settings, turn them off, then change the minimap options, and turn on panels again. Before v.9.0.0 #09 this was never an issue. You can see in the panels more ships that don't have hydro listed as having hydro. I have attached an image of a table that shows every error in the data.
  2. In my original post, I said that the panel says Venezia has hydro, Alaska B's radar doesn't show, and Gorizia's hydro is listed as 4km instead of 6km. In addition to those, I've also recently discovered that Friesland doesn't have it's own hydro shown (5km). I tested both v1 and v3 panels with aforementioned ships and they still have the wrong stats in the panels. I don't know if there are any other ships with wrong information as these are just the ones I've found.
  3. Still outdated in some areas, but great to have the panels available. Once you know how it's outdated, it's definitely the best panel. I am a software developer so if there's anything I can do to accelerate the updating process, please let me know.
  4. I know you've been away for the last week, but are we able to get an update on Hakabase's panels? Even out of date, they're better than the rest in my opinion and they're not included in the current version.
  5. Not sure if it's all the panels, but the Side Panels by Hakabase (v1) are wrong with multiple ships. Venezia is listed as having hydro, Alaska B doesn't have it's radar mentioned, Gorizia says 4km hydro when it's actually 6km. I'm sure there are more errors but most of them revolve around hydro or radar stats being wrong.
  6. It would be awesome if there was a single link that never changed that would always download the latest version of the ModPack. Something like aslain.com/modpack/wows_latest that just had a redirect to the latest download link. If this were added, I could just setup my download manager to download from that link every day. EDIT: Ended up making this, so I don't really need this anymore, but it would certainly be nice still.
  7. I am using Panel v1. I have now attached the logs, apologies about that. Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  8. On the panels that display the ships' stats (radar, hydro, etc.), Friesland incorrectly says it doesn't have hydro when in reality it does. (5.5km iirc) The panels in question are the "Side Panels by Hakabase".
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