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  1. Does that contain changes for mods like chat_filter?
  2. Understood. Is there any repository of the mods where I could make changes to make them more portable and deal with the working directory being at the top-level? I could create a PR/MR request if the source code is anywhere.
  3. Update, many of the mods assume their start directory is inside the directory where the binary-specific executable is running. For example, in my system, the program directory is 'World_of_Tanks', and the structure contains (not everything show for brevity) - paths.xml - python.log - mods/ - res_mods/ - win32/ - win64/ - WorldOfTanks.exe .... The Chat Filter mod is located in - res_mods - - scripts - client - gui - mods/ - mod_chat_filter.json - mod_chat_filter.pyc So, in the mod_chat_filter python code, in order for it to look for it's JSON configuration file, it's looking for paths.xml as This resolves to: Implying that the relative path of the current context must be in a sub-directory under World_of_Tanks (such as win32). However, the Mac wrapper runs the program at the top-level directory named 'WorldOfTanks.exe', so one level about that is inside the 'Games' folder, which does not have a paths.xml file, therefore none of the configuration files that are referenced can be found. In the mac wrapper, I am able to run the file using an alternative binary, so I tried running World_of_Tanks/win64/WorldOfTanks.exe (one level below), and it appears that most things are now working (except for the few things I modified to see if they would work right, which I'm not rolling back to see if they work right after moving them back to their stock setup). This fixes 'many' things, but I'm still left with a few that appear to be 32-bit vs. 64-bit issues that can't be solved by changing directories. Again, it appears that XVM does not (yet) support 64-bit, so this is a non-starter for the MAC which is now 64-bit only.
  4. For what it's worth, on the Mac WOT is running inside a 'Windows' environment (Wine), but I don't know enough about the environment to see what's going on. I did create a mod, and it appears that the mods all appear to be running inside the proper directory, and they are aware of where they currently reside. Games/World_of_Tanks/res_mods/ Results So, things look like the paths are correct, so I don't know why the scripts are unable to load the files relative to 'Games/World_of_Tanks`. I'll continue to dig.
  5. All logs (the logs archiver program errors out similarly to the game trying to find logs). xvm.log _Aslains_Installer.log _Aslains_Installer_Options.inf _Aslains_Installer_CompList.log I understand the issue with the Mac. I'm trying to provide the information. Note, I'm a professional software developer with > 4 decades of programming experience) so if you need me to install Python, write a custom mods or whatever, I'm willing to do it. I can't play the game anyway, so I've got more free time than normal. :) [ I don't know how to create a mod (yet), but I've spent some time looking at the available documentation, but I don't read Russian, so I'm at a disadvantage. ] Again, thanks for taking the time to look!
  6. I was using: So, while not the latest, it's was later. I did install the latest version ( which has the similar errors. I can provide more logs (see below), but the errors seem similar to errors in the past that others have provided with regard to the files not being found ie; config directory not found: ../mods/configs/PYmods/ButtonReplacer/configs/ If that's the case, it won't work on the Mac anymore, since Wargaming has converted to 64-bit only because of MacOS Catalina. However, does that mean ALL of the mods (not just XVM) fail to work? Am I completely out of luck if I have to run a 64-bit client using mods? (A couple of the mods appear to be working, but they are a very small minority). Thanks for the response! python.log
  7. On a MAC, which recently got updated to ONLY run a 64-bit version. The modpack doesn't work anymore, since it errors out. And, it's no longer possible to run anything other than the 64-bit version, so the workaround from last week (to use the 32-bit version) won't work. Here is a snippet of the python.log There are other (very similar errors to the above, but all of them are related to the not being able to find the files). My guess is that it has something to do with the process expecting to run within the WorldOfTanks directory, but it's not running in that directory when running in 64-bit mode). (I don't know enough to determine how to determine what the current directory would be, perhaps creating my own mod or something). Trying to run 32-bit version of the application
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