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  1. don't know what other features you think it has that you cant get somewhere else. funny thing is that as long as have damage indicators, female crews, female voices, female loading and after battle screens im golden. sadly people in game see stats and immediately start trashing players like myself. if these people would take the time to actually pay attention they would find that the players with the good stats are the ones camping, pushing friendly tanks into the line of fire and generally being complete douchnozzles just to farm damage and pad their stats at the cost of losing the game. hell might as well get rid of the in game mini map to because hardly anyone knows how to use it anyway, they will ignore flanks from the get go, and tehn those same top tier "good" stat players will be the first ones calling for help when they have the majority of the team with them while the 2 or 3 on flank get over run and eventually bitched about through in game chat.
  2. sorry it is the "good stat" players doing the camping, being held up by a single enemy tank on the flank, and wiping. the REAL players are the ones doing what they can when they are facing impossible odds, while the good stat players huddle at base, behind buildings to farm damage and then wiping leaving those you call "tomatoes" on their own. now I don't have the best stats myself and I don't care to be honest, I at least can read a mini map and will try to relocate to help a weak flank or give support in battle where I can, but I can say I have taken to looking at the "stats" of team mates prior to game start and tend to avoid relocating to help those particular players. based on their "stats" they shouldn't be yelling for help and should be able to get the job done sadly more and more I see this isn't the case and it is the low stat players out lasting and in some cases having far better damage numbers than those good stat players, I myself finished a game yesterday top on damage in my S35 ( bathtub) 1500 damage the top tier best stat player on the team ( FYI his numbers were blue on XVM) 600 and he had plenty of assistance as the player had roughly 80% of the team with him including all the heavies all but 1 medium and all the light tanks, my flank had mostly TD's the single med and that was it. I still think XVM and stats need to go away, it does nothing but promote camping, farming and stat padding and to be honest all it does is add stress for people trying to play what is suppose to be a game.
  3. well I have to voice my thoughts on this, hate to say it but all I play is random battles and I can tell you that without a shadow of a doubt the WORST in game plyers are the ones which are suppose to be the best players on the team stat wise. it is the "good stat" players that are the ones camping, lemming training, and then being the same ones wiping leaving the players in the slowest moving, slowest reloading, etc. last ones alive. I was in a game yesterday I was in my "bathtub" and I was firing my gun as fast as I could reload it only to realize quickly I was being swarmed and was the only one left alive and I thought to myself WTF. it is also notable that those "good stat" players are making it all the way to tier X and still cant read a mini map. one more thing, if you are a player with supposed "good stats", and you are calling for help when 99% of the team ison the same side of the map as you AND you are so close in proximity that you are bleeding together on the mini map do NOT be yelling for help because clearly you have way more "help" than you need, on the flip side if you look at your mini map ( I know novel idea), and you see a KV-2, and a pair of S35 CA ( bathtub) trying to hold the flank against the majority of the enemy team while you are being held up by a single medium tank relocate to the weak side. stop farming damage and costing the battle only to complain about the "low stat" players ( you know the ones xvmers call tomatoes). fact XVM and stats should be removed from game entirely, all it does is HURT what is suppose to be a GAME. it discourages teamwork, it discourages strategy.
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