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  1. ya but under wich categorie i find this Mod ?? i cant find it anymore :D thats the problem...i watch the modpack 2 or 3 times through but i cant find this mod where i can activate it :) can u put a pic in here where i must set the mark to activate the mod :D :D ?
  2. With Version 18 i mark a mod in the installer Menu that shows me the shell velocity in game from the tanks..... Now i installed Version 21 but i cant find the mod in the installer Menu !!! Can u help me ?
  3. Can someone tell me where i can change the colors from the tank symbols in the minimap ? in wich File ? must be a file from the main game not from Aslain
  4. you are the only 1 with this problem....everything works.....fine....absolutly fine
  5. Some 1 can tell me where i can find the file for the colours from the tanksymbols in the Minimap minimapLabelsData minimapLabelsTemplates minimapLabelsTemplatesAlt are not the files where i can change the colour from the Tanksymbols in minimap Color from PLayernames can i change....but the Tank Symblos are in the same Color from WG
  6. when will RT will come in this game ??
  7. ya okä...i experiment with this file but i make a misktake...took 2 different colours for my ally team and so i thought the tank symblos must be anywhere :) can u explain for what exactly ist txt,dot and lostDot in this file ? and is there a program i can test the changes instantly...not so funny to load wot and look and then quit wot and load again after changes :D
  8. perfect Mister Aslain....i will try to experiment a lot :) Ah Mr. Aslain...one Question....can u tell me where i find the Colors from the Tank Symbols in Minimap ?
  9. stay so much in there :) can u tell me in wich row i must edit the font size ? :D
  10. It is possible to change the Font or can someone tell me how i can change it self ? For me the Font is to big and kursiv i dont like.... When the Icon Symbols from Tanks are small ( 0.65 or 0.85 ) or when they in size 1:! for me the Font is to big/tall Can someone help pls ? thx :D
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