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  1. Ich hab ja zum Glück alle Mods in dem Pack im Kopf :)
  2. no i did nothing since yesterday/the last days...all last versions with modpack he remember the things that i choosen....i dont know why this after the patch not work...hmm
  3. Now i will install ur new MODPACK....problem is....he lost all information what i installed in the last Versiojn from ur Modpack....so now i must search every mod that i mark in the modpack... Why he lost now all information ? I dont clear cache id ont clear registry or every other thing.....system run the same as yesterday.... Problem is that the modpack is very huge and it take about 10 mins time to search every thing again....warrgghh HELP
  4. when u have your mods from this modpack choosen and when it runs perfect....and when u see the newer versions in Garage when u ur game connect......you will see in a little window what Aslain updadet/changed or remove from the mod pack..... so when the newer modpack ur mods what u chossen not change or make better then u dont need to download it every day..... i am load everyday, if i see in garage a new modpack version, the newest version down...the good thing in this modpack is that the installer remember ur choosen mods in this modpack...so it takes maximum 2 minutes to install new version..... if u have a bad internet conection ir a low download rate.....download the modpack when u sleep or u go to toilet or sometimes else when u not use ur PC to gamble WOT :)
  5. okäää.....that i see in the menu...but i thought this was not the correct mod for velocity....so i dont mark it in dne menu....oki i will try it.....thx Aslain waaaahh me is sooo fukkin stupid i look 2-3 times in the menu...and now is see there stay shells speed....omfg is me stupid *HarHar*
  6. ya but under wich categorie i find this Mod ?? i cant find it anymore :D thats the problem...i watch the modpack 2 or 3 times through but i cant find this mod where i can activate it :) can u put a pic in here where i must set the mark to activate the mod :D :D ?
  7. With Version 18 i mark a mod in the installer Menu that shows me the shell velocity in game from the tanks..... Now i installed Version 21 but i cant find the mod in the installer Menu !!! Can u help me ?
  8. Can someone tell me where i can change the colors from the tank symbols in the minimap ? in wich File ? must be a file from the main game not from Aslain
  9. you are the only 1 with this problem....everything works.....fine....absolutly fine
  10. Some 1 can tell me where i can find the file for the colours from the tanksymbols in the Minimap minimapLabelsData minimapLabelsTemplates minimapLabelsTemplatesAlt are not the files where i can change the colour from the Tanksymbols in minimap Color from PLayernames can i change....but the Tank Symblos are in the same Color from WG
  11. when will RT will come in this game ??
  12. ya okä...i experiment with this file but i make a misktake...took 2 different colours for my ally team and so i thought the tank symblos must be anywhere :) can u explain for what exactly ist txt,dot and lostDot in this file ? and is there a program i can test the changes instantly...not so funny to load wot and look and then quit wot and load again after changes :D
  13. perfect Mister Aslain....i will try to experiment a lot :) Ah Mr. Aslain...one Question....can u tell me where i find the Colors from the Tank Symbols in Minimap ?
  14. stay so much in there :) can u tell me in wich row i must edit the font size ? :D
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