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  1. it works! thx for your time and helping me out.
  2. update: i put my mods now in my World_of_Tanks_EU map and now the error message doesn't show up, ones it"s installed i'll tell you if it worked or not.
  3. oh i see its indeed, but i still have the problem downloading it. i put the mods in my "World _of_Tanks" map but it doesn't work and i got no idea how to use mods eithers. i just activate the installer, i put them in the map that i mentioned, then select my mods, then install and then it doesn't work. it does say that (it looks like) world of tanks isn't installed in that map.
  4. i downloaded the version of WOT and it says that is the lastest version but somehow i can download here the version modpack. so is this ment to be ahead of updates and i have to get the version modpack or is it normal and can be used cause i downloaded the modpack and it doesn't work.
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