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  1. After removing PMOD as some suggested, unchecking all under PMOD in the installer, no issues in last 15 games.
  2. Just a quick FYI on my game hanging on "Updating Battle Results" I removed Yasen Krasen mod and all works as expected. I do have the hanger mods in place as well but unchecked Yasen :) I am using .03 version and Yasen does seem to be the hang up at least in my instance. Any of the "Battle Results" items cause the "Updating Battle Results" hanging.
  3. Hmm .29 cleared this up all is working as normal now. Thanx again.
  4. routinely update the ZoomIndicator.xml to the below from the original but after last update has no affect. I go from red at 12 oclock to white at 3 oclock positions but now no affect. <ZoomIndicator.xml> <enable>True</enable> <shadow>True</shadow> <text> <color>FFffffFF</color> <position> <X>1050</X> <Y>600</Y> </position> <colorS>ffffffFF</colorS> <positionS> <X>1050</X> <Y>600</Y> </positionS> </text> <fText> x</fText> <eText> </eText> </ZoomIndicator.xml> _Aslain_logs.zip python.log
  5. Damage Panels Xft DamagePanel + integrated hitlog v0.9 The damage taken side of the panel is working however the hitlog of damage caused it not - just a blank space. Worked fine up until Aslains_XVM_Mod_Installer_v.4.1.23_95. than again for all of you hard work. You ROCK _Aslain_logs.zippython.log
  6. That should be good enuff thank you - still a great pack.
  7. Anybody know how to adjust what used to be onStartDeadDistance in v28? Moving away from PMOD I am a bit lost for tweaking some of these items that PMOD had dedicated files for. Thank you in advance.
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