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  1. Sorry for the late reply Aslain. With the files you've given me to replace, I can finally see the stats of everyone consecutively without fail. the xvm.log doesn't appear to have anymore loadUrl error over the 2 days i've seen. Only with the python.log , which is still having the generic error, which can grow substantially large after a gaming session (25mb) of a couple hours. Thank you for the solution, and I'll go ask on the koreanrandom forum with regards to the above error these few days. Urban
  2. Apologies aslain I've updated it to the latest version, and have repacked the zip files for reporting. I've also provided another screenshot showing my situation as well on the 6th game, i think it is, or 4th. Still having this peculiar error even with the updated version aslain files.zip
  3. thanks for the reply aslain. Not using anonymizer. This is the 4th game from a fresh python log. didn't screencap the 3rd game. aslain files.zip
  4. Everytime I start wot and play, always on the 3rd game all the xvm stats of team members and enemies are blank, although mine are shown. My python.log shows that during the first 2 games, everything loads up normally, only on the 3rd game the log shows multiple instances of these lines and it matches the timestamp of my battle time. I've reviewed it throughout 15 games or so, looking at and deleting the log at 1 game, then 2 games, then 3, 4 5 etc. The only significant software changes i've made, is using a new version of a vpn game accelerator as I'm behind the great china firewall, would that be the cause of the issue? TLDR; XVM works normally on game 1 and 2. Game 3 onwards will have the above error and XVM during ingame battle doesn't show statistics. Thanks for the great mod Aslain
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