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  1. I tried it without Auxilium. And now I don't have the problem anymore. So the problem is in Auxilium. I hope the problem in Auxilium can be solved.
  2. It's just with some of the tanks. Not all the tanks. I not able to determine why specific tanks have this problem. And without the aslain mod its working without this problem.
  3. With some tanks if I select them it will remain with the message "Update crew". At that moment it is hanging and I have to close the WOT client with Alt-F4. It's just with some tanks. Not all. If I start in safe mode it will start normal without hanging. For example this will happen if i select my T-44 tank. See screenshot. I already reinstalled the newest version and checked the integrity. In the python.log you will find an ERROR message. If you need more information please let me know. Kind regards Jabo Logs.zip
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